About Theory Thursday

TheoryThursday is made up of five dudes... Dave Gifford animator, Glenn Hood Executive Producer, Dave Wright of SWR Productions aka "Kathulo" is our Live engineer, David Carano for inspiration, Jason Thomas is our cohost, & Mike Ruggirello as our host.

The model that Mike came up is to use his existing endorsements (Mad Hatter Guitar Products, Curt Mangan Strings & Iconic Guitars) to share the show simultaneously which allows us to GROW exponentially. Currently collaborating with Taylor Guitar’s once a month.

Guests of TheoryThursday get incredible exposure and can help propel artists to achieve gigs, endorsements, and even rad schwagg from us. Going LIVE is the way engage the audience. Stay tuned and subscribe to FaceBook, YouTube, and PATREON.

Mike Ruggirello

Mike Ruggirello - Theory Thursday

Mike has been playing guitar since 1988, Teaching guitar since 1996, & writing/recording music for the last 20 years. Mike has recently released a new single with his and Jason's band FuseBox. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fusebox/daMY

Ruggirello has taught at a variety of locations. Nine years for Guitar Trader San Diego, One year at Rock 'N' Roll San Diego , & taught a Master Clinic for "GWP"(Guitar Workshop Plus) held at San Marcos state university. Stew Hamm, Paul Gilbert, and Rhonda Smith were alongside him.

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Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas

Manganista bassist Jason Thomas founded the local band Fusebox back in 1992.. “I met JT freshman year at Grossmont High School,” says his Manganista bandmate Matt Rhea. “We immediately hit it off because we were both avid Oingo Boingo fans.”

Thomas’ song “Pretty Eyes” appeared on the 2012 La Mesa band compilation Picture Head, on the Quasi Recording label.