Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

Theory Thursday #78 with John Muzzio

John Muzzio Creator, Owner, & Drummer. It has taken many years to create this hybrid drum set. Great feeling heads, symbols, and looks like a real kit. We played a bunch of loose jams just breaking in the new concept for the show. John is a great drummer with a great San Diego company.

Theory Thursday #76 with Casey Trask

Can you see him for his third time right before his European tour “THE THREE TREMORS”. We go over lots of technique on this episode & Casey completely assassinates on the fretboard.

Theory Thursday #74 with Bart Mendoza

Mr. San Diego himself here for his third time. Bart has written over 700 songs and we are pulling from the pool this evening. The mod/1 hit-wonder writing style is a lot of fun and you can always bargain that the oil be a modulation or a key shift in Barts songs.

Theory Thursday #75 with Brian Karscig

That’s right ladies and gentlemen Brian Karscig singer songwriter and record producer.

Brian created Convoy, LOUIS XIV, & Nervous Wreckords and is rhythm guitar/piano player for the Killers.

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