Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & Jamming. The Beat Buddy is the drummer (Jeff) of the show.

TheoryThursday #46 with David Robles

David has FUZZROCIOUS tone. We chat about hos bands “MADLY” & “GARY WILSON”. Debuting a new Madly song LIVE on this episode with bones bathroom break.

TheoryThursday #44 with Sarah Rogo

Sarah Rogo is a Berklee graduate that can slay the blues like the best of them. We do some fantastic jamming and she teaches a great lesson on how to play slide. Look for her being endorsed by Fender, D’Angelico guitar strings, & Talios capos.

TheoryThursday #43 with Mike Ruggirello @ NAMM Thursday 2018

Special NAMM episode featuring Mad Hatter Guitar Products new line of product along w/ Singular Sounds new Midi Maestro pedal extension. Special performance by Lydian Gray, Greg Vaughan, Jason, & Mike. Rad editing by SWR Video.

TheoryThursday #45 with Mario Rodriguez

Mario demonstrates his guitar abilities generously & ranging from funk to METAL. Topics of rhythm & the history of some chops. Listen for the Drop-D song 1/2 way in.

TheoryThursday #42 with Jason Cooper

So stoked we did parts of “3 days” by Jane’s Addiction al so jammed out “Peg” by Steely Dan. Jason is a great player with a lot songs to choose from due to his cover/tribute band lifestyle.