Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

TheoryThursday #33 with Heather Nation

Heather returning after episode #4 and we kicked ass improvising and jamming some great chord progressions. The harmonic minor scale showed up a couple different times in this episode. Excellent description of her using a TC electronics reverb pedal.

TheoryThursday #31 with David Carano

Soloing in a variety of scales. Davey has some great influences like Jerry Garcia & John Scofield in some of these passages.

TheoryThursday #29 with Robin Henkel

Robin is truly gifted at playing Delta blues, Country blues, & just kicking ass on the Vintage gibson. National guitars show up as well. Stomping on his mic stand rules...

TheoryThursday #32 with Greg Vaughan

A pupil of Uli Jon Roth & ripping solos in E minor. 1st. Show where we harmonize solos. Greg is a fantastic player & teacher.

TheoryThursday #30 with Nina Francis

Nina is a singer songwriter. Endorsed by QSC & has her first album out “Between Dreams”. Guitar Theory takes place in this episode. D sus2 or D add 2.

TheoryThursday #28 with David Carano & Dusty Brough

Dusty & Davey are showing massive soloing techniques. Blues, country, and more ethnic style beats are being explored on this particular episode. Phrasing and a variety of rhythms are abundant.