Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

Theory Thursday #60 with Israel Maldonado

Israel is back for his second chance. Very talented and cultured musician. Israel will be describing some rhythmic approaches along side right hand technique that is superb. With his extensive classical guitar break now and we do a lot of jamming and Israel leads the show with lots of instruction and experience.

Theory Thursday #58 with Casey Trask

Casey Trask coming in for his second appearance and we are going to shred hard. Playing the tailor guitar is again with Casey has been a nice surprise experiencing slower but yet aggressive music and then also having the ability to move over to our electric guitars and holy tear it up. He plays guitar for the band Monarch and also the band cage. Keep your eye on Casey Trask.

Theory Thursday #59 with Wayne Riker

Wayne Riker lifetime achievement recipient and 12 timer blues guitar author is back in lightning us with his profound approach on guitar. Lots of Siri and advanced discussions on cord progressions on this episode. Our favorite jam is the end doing a classic 2-3 chord vamp in G. Enjoy..

Theory Thursday #57 with Jillian Calkins

Jillian Calkins is something special. Endorsed by Gretch & PRS. Exceptional songwriting and jazz chops. She is a recording artist that also features songs in French. Every single jam is very cool on this episode.