Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

Theory Thursday #69 with Jon Norwood

Jon Norwood guitarist of Call Of The Wild is on tonight to hang out into a jam through some heavy Sabbath style riffs. Trading likks and ideas how to improvise. The show is packed with jamming.

Theory Thursday #67 with Danny Fang

Danny Fang has a serious shredder. He plays guitar for Nightshadow and they are a San Diego power metal band. Danny will be displaying some HUGE arpeggio sweeps along with excellent rhythm composition. Danny Fang....!

Theory Thursday #65 with Russell Ramo

Russell is back for his second appearance in fact exactly a year later. As you know he is with the ROUTINE and they just finished up a new record. We’re gonna hang out and talk,VIBE out & do some huge jammin this is also the first episode were using EZ drummer2. Enjoy an adventurous episode.

Theory Thursday #68 with Anthony Cullins

Anthony is back for his second appearance after winning the 10 and 20 competition Texas. Anthony is an exceptional guitar player with incredible melodic skills. Currently playing guitar with Casey Hensley around town here in San Diego. A lot of improvising and going through a vanguard 12 bar blues this evening. Pay attention to Anthony’s chops.

Theory Thursday #64 with Jonny Tarr #2

Jonny Tarr back for his #2 episode going over more of his songs on his current record for sale. He currently has over 1 million hits on Spotify account and we are adding a new camera to this episode along with new Decour. A brand new camera on Johnny and his footwork displaying the dichotomy of setting loop of one of his arrangements. Watch the entire episode it is filled with Melody and fat grooves.