Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

Theory Thursday #79 with Jake Najor

Jake Najor is a very seasoned drummer here in San Diego. He has done some major touring since being a professional drummer in the last 15 years. He’s toured with Big Daddy Kane and told some great stories about his time with BDK. Currently digging around town on his new solo album “ The moment of Truth”. Listening to his prolific funk grooves is a treat to listen to on this episode.

Theory Thursday #80 with Bryce Giuliani

Bryce is a good buddy of ours and he comes in with his family made wine (RDG vineyard). We had A lot of fun improvising doing thrash metal and porno-funk. Music from previous band Temporal Riff was displayed immensely.

Theory Thursday #78 with John Muzzio

John Muzzio Creator, Owner, & Drummer. It has taken many years to create this hybrid drum set. Great feeling heads, symbols, and looks like a real kit. We played a bunch of loose jams just breaking in the new concept for the show. John is a great drummer with a great San Diego company.

Theory Thursday #76 with Casey Trask

Can you see him for his third time right before his European tour “THE THREE TREMORS”. We go over lots of technique on this episode & Casey completely assassinates on the fretboard.