Host Mike Ruggirello & Co-Host Jason Thomas interview artist about what makes them tick, plugging their gigs, & jamming.

Theory Thursday #75 with Brian Karscig

That’s right ladies and gentlemen Brian Karscig singer songwriter and record producer.

Brian created Convoy, LOUIS XIV, & Nervous Wreckords and is rhythm guitar/piano player for the Killers.

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Theory Thursday #71 with Roni Lee

Roni is back for her second time straight from a German tour. Describing song writing off her new album and going over really cool new gear that she learned about while in Germany. The “BLUG” guitar amplifier/paddle. It is 100 W masterpiece that we describe on the episode. Enjoy all of the hard rock blues riffing. Thank you for the new clip on tuner Roni.

Theory Thursday #74 with Bart Mendoza

Mr. San Diego himself here for his third time. Bart has written over 700 songs and we are pulling from the pool this evening. The mod/1 hit-wonder writing style is a lot of fun and you can always bargain that the oil be a modulation or a key shift in Barts songs.

Theory Thursday #72 with Ed Heisler

We are so excited that Ed Heisler from MAD HATTER GUITAR played some mean guitar with us and introducing some brand new products in the line. The new systems, Super Shredder pick-ups, Teacher cable, Rapid fire kill switch are some of the classic MHGP highlights.

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Theory Thursday #70 with Greg Vaughan

Episode 70 people that’s right PedalPaloza! Sonicake & Hotone are the main products of this episode. Ranging from exotic Spanish guitar all the way to full-blown metal we are explaining and demonstrating the quality of both of these products. You must watch the entire episode to decide which pedal you want to purchase. Not to mention the first video unveiling the sonic cake black hammer right here on this program.